Work without worries

Holland Employment Experts make expats and knowledge migrants work without worries in The Netherlands. You find an employer, we ensure you pass the ID screening and can legally work in our country.

Working as an expat

If you have found a job or a potential job as a knowledge migrant or expat in the Netherlands, just read on to find out how we can take care of everything for you and your employer.

Deploying staff

Are you an employer wanting to deploy your staff flexibly? We can help you acquire flexibility, and we’ll take over your risks and responsibilities as an employer.

About us

At Holland Employment Experts, we make sure that employer and employee can fully concentrate on their work. Administrative and legal matters? No worries. We can arrange all that. We specialise in employment migration. We take care of expats and knowledge migrants, as well as the employers they work for. We are founded in 2010 and have a team of 15 experts in the field.

Coronavirus FAQ Employers

The coronavirus has great impact on the labor market. As an employer, you will have lots of questions in these uncertain times. We try to help you with some clarification on rules and regulations.

Coronavirus FAQ Flex workers

The coronavirus has created unprecedented and uncertain times, especially for flex workers, expats en highly skilled migrants. Please find an overview of all questions you might have in your situation during the coronacrisis.