About Holland Employment Experts

At Holland Employment Experts, we make sure that employer and employee alike can fully concentrate on their work. Administrative and legal matters? No worries. We can arrange all that. We specialise in employment migration. We take care of expats and knowledge migrants, as well as the employers they work for.

Legal employer

Holland Employment Experts is the legal employer of a large number of employment migrants in the Netherlands. We take care of almost all the necessary legal and administrative paperwork as soon as migrant and employer have joined forces. This ranges from applying for the right work permits and residence permits to paying employees’ salaries and doing their income tax returns. And we still act as oracle and advisor for both parties as soon as their joint collaboration starts.

No paperwork

If you start living and working in a new country, the last thing you need is having to deal with all the paperwork such as permits and tax returns! (After all, employers don’t want to run any risks of employing a non-Dutch migrant in contravention of the legislation and regulations). But we like it! In fact, we positively thrive on it. We immerse ourselves in legislation and regulations every day to find out how we can make matters much simpler, more favourable and less ‘risky’ for you.

Our strategy and philosophy

We have no use for ready-made, pre-packaged solutions. We believe in customisation. And that’s why we want to know all about what you need and what you want. We listen and then we draw up a solution tailored to your needs and wishes. This ensures that everyone in the Netherlands can just relax and enjoy their work.


Holland Employment Experts was established in 2010. We were originally founded under the name of Holland Payroll, but we soon found that this name wasn’t quite sufficient to cover the range of our activities. Our client portfolio and our team of experts got bigger and bigger, and soon we were doing more than just payroll work. A lot more, in fact. We provide all kinds of entrepreneurs with all kinds of support, the main aim here being to relieve them of their cares and risks. And that’s why we changed our name to Holland Employment Experts in 2019.

Brisker Group

Holland Employment Experts is a member of the Brisker Group. Brisker is a full-service HR service provider that includes brand names such as Pay for People, Smart Services, Nextpayroll and Tentoo. Brisker is the market leader on the Dutch payrolling and back-office services market.

If you’d like to learn more about the Brisker Group, go to https://www.briskergroup.nl/en/

Our team

Holland Employment Experts consists of almost 20 experts in the employment field. Our loyal and close-knit team is growing in terms of experience as well as size. Our specialists are always happy to provide expats, knowledge migrants and employers with help and support. We also have advisors who are often on the road or visiting entrepreneurs. They act as our antennae on the market. And this often enables us to resolve ‘problems’ even before they start.

Our clients

We provide support to a large number of knowledge migrants and expats in the Netherlands. These people work in every imaginable profession, from software development to layout design. Click here to find out how we helped Gert Willem Smit from South Africa.

We also help enterprises ranging from big multinationals to small family businesses, many of which operate in the technological industry. Thanks to our services, all these companies are now able to concentrate on innovation and core business activities.

IND sponsor

Holland Employment Experts is a recognised IND sponsor (Immigration & Naturalisation Service). IND sponsors are the only parties that can act as knowledge migrants’ legal employer. A lot of employers who are not recognised IND sponsors but who engage the services of knowledge migrants do this in collaboration with us. They themselves are not obliged to be an IND sponsor. This means they don’t have to worry about any of the administrative obligations and procedures. All they have to do is focus entirely on working with their knowledge migrants.

Expat Centre partners

Holland Employment Experts is official partner of International Welcome Centre Utrecht Region, IN Amsterdam and International Welcome Center North. These Expat Centres offer free services to international newcomers to help them ease into their new life in The Netherlands.


Holland Employment Experts works as transparent and open as possible. Below you find documents that have to do with Holland Employment Experts and our work.