At Holland Employment Experts, we advise and assist employers wanting to hire staff without any risks attached. We specialise in deploying international staff, but we also help companies wanting to employ Dutch professionals.

The Dutch economy is expanding, and there’s an increasing demand for personnel. We’ll be needing about 120,000 new employees in the technological industry alone up to 2030. More and more employers are deploying a flexible shell, which makes them more adaptable and better able to respond to developments on the market.

If you have a structural need for (extra) employees, obviously you’d prefer to employ them directly at your organisation. This is the best way to keep them with you for a long time. However, in many cases it’s more sensible to work with a shell of employees who can be flexibly deployed. Examples include seasonal work, peaks and troughs in the amount of work available, temporary projects, or if your organisation wants to keep expanding despite uncertain forecasts. Payrolling is an ideal solution in all these situations.

How does payrolling work?

Using payrolling to deploy staff is more or less the same as regular employership. You recruit and select your staff personally, and you’re responsible for managing them at the workplace. So what’s the difference between payrolling and regular employership? Well, first of all your employee will be put on the payroll company’s salary sheet, which means that the major employer rights, obligations and risks are borne by this company. At Holland Employment Experts we offer two types of payroll contracts. Depending on the contract type you can can flexibly deploy your (temporary) staff for a longer period than if you employ them direct or you have the opportunity to fully recruit your own employees.

Outsourcing rights & obligations

As an employer, you have a lot of rights, obligations and responsibilities. If you opt for payrolling, you can outsource all this to the payroll company. At Holland Employment Experts, we take care of the following matters for those of your employees on our salary sheet:

  • tailor-made employment contracts
  • registering employees with the Employee Insurance Agency and the Tax and Customs Administration
  • your salary administration and salary payments
  • pension accrual and employee insurance schemes
  • contract management
  • processing employees’ sick leave and return to work
  • paying sick employees’ salary
  • making all the necessary payments to the Tax and Customs Administration
  • so you see that payrolling is a lot more than just outsourcing your salary administration. It gives you the scope to focus on your core business activities

Step-by-step payrolling, here’s how it works:

  • You yourself post a vacancy for a new employee (depending on contract type)
  • You hold the job interviews and select the right person for the job (depending on contract type)
  • You make the agreements on work, working hours and salary
  • You send all the relevant data to us, and we add your new employee to our salary sheet
  • You guide and assist the employee at the workplace
  • You can flexibly deploy these employees for 4 years (depending on contract type)
  • You’re free of your encumbrances as an employer, and you can focus entirely on your core business activities

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Employing non-Dutch staff

If you employ a non-Dutch employee without fulfilling all the obligations and requirements, there’s a considerable chance that your employee is working illegally in the Netherlands. The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration can impose huge fines on you for this. A lot of companies that want to be a good employer for their knowledge migrants without running any legal or financial risks opt for payrolling.

You yourself recruit an expat or knowledge migrant, and you then register him/her on our salary sheet. You’ll still be responsible for everyday management and guidance, staff planning, career development, performance interviews and training session content for this employee. Since your knowledge migrant is employed by Holland Employment Experts in a legal sense, we’re the ones who carry the employer’s obligations and the risks relating to employment law.

Legal employer

As a legal employer and an IND sponsor, we’re also the IND’s first point of contact. We take care of the following for you: obtaining the right work permits and residence permits, drawing up tailor-made employment contracts, registering your knowledge migrants with the Employee Insurance Agency and the Tax and Customs Administration, pension accrual, employee insurance schemes, salary payments, sick leave management and salary administration. Since we’re employment experts, we’re also here to tell you about all the Dutch tax regulations and help you with these regulations. Examples include the Extra-Territorial (‘ET’) scheme and the 30% scheme. These schemes provide non-Dutch employees with tax benefits so that they get paid more net salary.

IND sponsor

The only employers allowed to employ knowledge migrants are those who are sponsors recognised by the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (‘IND’). The procedure for becoming a recognised sponsor is complicated and expensive, and it takes a lot of time and energy. Holland Employment Experts has been a recognised IND sponsor for many years. Every year, a large number of employers use our services to engage knowledge migrants. This means they no longer have to worry about being an IND sponsor or about any of the relevant obligations and administrative duties. All they have to do is concentrate on working with their knowledge migrants.


We ensure that your non-Dutch employees can work completely legally in the Netherlands in conformity with Dutch employment legislation.

  • This means no risks for you under employment law
  • You’ll have hardly any administrative and legal obligations
  • You don’t have to be an IND sponsor
  • You don’t have to find your way around in the maze of work permits and residence permits
  • We’ll take care that your employees’ salary is paid on time, even if they’re off sick
  • Employees can profit from all the available tax benefits

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Non-Dutch employers

If you’re a non-Dutch employer with your registered office outside the Netherlands and you want to employ someone living in the Netherlands, you’ll have to tax this person’s salary in accordance with Dutch legislation and regulations. This employee will be eligible for tax benefits in the Netherlands. At Holland Employment Experts, we can arrange all this for both parties.

Payrolling for non-Dutch employers

At Holland Employment Experts, we can pay these employees’ salary in accordance with Dutch tax and employment legislation. Legally speaking, we’ll be their official employer, so we’ll pay their salary every month. As our client, you’ll be fully responsible for providing them with guidance, leadership, supervision and management. We’ll send you a clear and easy-to-follow invoice by e-mail every month.

What about tax contributions?

At Holland Employment Experts, we’re your knowledge migrants’ legal employer. We pay their salary, and we deduct all contributions to be made to the Tax and Customs Administration. This means that these employees – and you, as their non-Dutch employer – don’t have to do anything at all in this respect.

Right to a mortgage rebate

All employees who work for a non-Dutch employer and whose salary is paid by Holland Employment Experts are employed in full accordance with Dutch tax and employment legislation. The Dutch authorities know all about these employees’ income and salary, and they retain their right to a mortgage rebate as well.

Pension accrual

Employees working through Holland Employment Experts will accrue pension. Depending on the payroll contract type they get it from the first workday of after they’ve been employed for 12 weeks. This is known as the Basic Pension Scheme. Holland Employment Experts registers the employees with the pension fund, while the (Dutch or non-Dutch) employer will pay pension contributions for them.

More information

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Outsourcing payment of an (international) employee’s salary is convenient, but perhaps you would rather do it yourself. Especially when taking on knowledge migrants, you may be facing highly complex processes. In that case, a hands-on expert who thinks along and renders advice comes in handy. You can therefore call in our expertise for consultancy in the following fields:

  • 30% regulation (submitting request and applying)
  • IND application knowledge migrant
  • IND application partner and family members
  • Verification of compliance with recognised referee rule

To us a solution will only be a solution if it complies with the applicable regulations.

Good employership

We care about your staff. Holland Employment Experts benefits from employees who remain employed at your organisation. These people are our human capital as well as yours. And that’s why your employees can always come to us if they have any questions about their employment contract or their salary administration.

As an employer, you know that good employership benefits you as well. This also applies to the outsourcing of legal employership. We work just as hard as you do to achieve employee satisfaction; you benefit from greater productivity, commitment and loyalty. We feel it’s absolutely essential to provide each and every payroll employee with good working conditions. At Holland Employment Experts, we’re here for you as well as for your staff.