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Coming to the Netherlands because of Brexit?

We ensure you can do business without staffing concerns

Over the past year, dozens of international companies have moved their operations from the United Kingdom to the Netherlands due to Brexit. Around 500 companies are currently seriously considering relocating to the Netherlands shortly. Many of these organisations are finding that it is complex to bring ‘non-EU employees’ with them. Holland Employment Experts ensures that these companies can employ their (temporary) staff in our country, easily and risk free.

Relocate to the Nederlands is now even more attractive

Since the 2016 referendum, more than 150 companies have relocated to the Netherlands due to Brexit. This produced a great deal of employment. Over the coming years, thousands of extra Brexit jobs are expected throughout the Netherlands. The NFIA says that it is talking to around 500 Brexit companies about possibly relocating their business to our country. For British companies, the Netherlands is an attractive country for business due to its good infrastructure, innovative strength and highly qualified population with good English-speaking skills.

Since Brexit, it has become much more difficult for British employees to work in the Netherlands. Highly qualified British knowledge workers need a work permit now that the United Kingdom is no longer a member of the EU. This permit must be requested from the IND, which is only possible if the employer is registered with the IND and is a recognised sponsor. Holland Employment Experts makes it even more attractive for British entrepreneurs as well as employees to come here.

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Deploy employees

Most companies who come to the Netherlands due to Brexit do not know how long they will stay. Sometimes employees spend several years working for them in the Netherlands, sometimes a few months. We make it possible for businesses to deploy employees freely, for as long they need them. Risk free, with no excessive red tape and no obligations. Great for businesses that want to be up and running fast but are (still) unfamiliar with Dutch labour law.

How does it work?

Via payroll at Holland Employment Experts, you recruit your own employees. You even manage them on the work floor. You delegate your employer’s role to us, including all the employer’s risks and administration. We become the legal employer of your employees and assume the administrative responsibilities. From arranging sick pay and the payroll administration to the contract management and tax payments. We do it all.

Experienced payroll partner

Holland Employment Experts are experts in payrolls with an international character. We are the payroll partner for hundreds of knowledge migrants and expats. We ensure that employees can deploy knowledge migrants risk free, and we are the Dutch legal employer for many Dutch workers with an employer over the border. In short: we know how to help Brexit businesses and their employees.


  • Outsource your employership
  • No worries about Dutch employment law
  • More time for your core business
  • You have a partner who knows how it works


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